Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Geek Dinner

Decisions. Decisions. Damn menus.
The Geek Dinner in London, Ontario, is held the first Wednesday of every month. For Londoners who have encountered a problem blogging, for instance, the Geek Dinner is a good place to fine an answer. I know; I have. It is also a good place to grab a meal, a draft and a little friendly chit-chat.

I'm almost completely deaf on my left side and suffer from severe tinnitus. Crowded restaurants have a lot of background noise and that makes it difficult for me to hold a conversation. I only stay long enough to grab a meal and get a little education.

Gigs Grillhouse, where the dinner is held, often has live entertainment. I always say I lost my hearing at an April Wine concert some decades ago. According to the geeks, the live music at Gigs is better than the stuff for which I sacrificed my inner ear and it may not even leave you deaf.

Another plus!
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