Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Geek Dinner features caribou

The monthly Geek Dinner, held last night at the Black Shire Pub, featured caribou — oh, not on the menu, just on the program.

SocialMedia, a Toronto company specializing in the fermenting of word-of-mouth campaigns, gave the organizer of last night's dinner a kit to promote a campaign being waged to save the woodland caribou.

If you're thinking you don't give two-bits for the woodland caribou, you're wrong; It's antlered head adorns the Canadian quarter. Once abundant across the country, they are now found only in Ontario and in people's pockets. Boreal woodland caribou require undisturbed habitat — no logging allowed — if they are going to survive. They also require a lot of support from concerned Canadians.

What groups use the talents of Social Media? Well, the David Suzuki Foundation , Greenpeace, Canopy and ForestEthics all are behind the Save the Bou campaign. Like to sign the online petition? Click the Save the Bou link above.

Geek Dinners are always interesting 'cause Geeks are cool.

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Sharon said...

Hey glad to see you enjoyed the tweetup last night. Thanks so much for your support of this great cause!