Friday, July 9, 2010

Geek Dinner

This was the "Thank you" Geek Dinner for me. You see, it was at a previous Geek Dinner that I learned about SSDs and how these are faster and more rugged than the traditional hard drives found in notebook computers. As I was planning an almost six week driving adventure across North America in a 42-year-old British roadster, a Morgan Plus 4, well known for its rough and bumpy ride, this was great to know. The Dell notebook I eventually bought had a 256GB SSD and it withstood the weeks of bouncing tucked behind the seat of my Morgan very well.

I also had a chance to thank the young woman who recommended the Fuji brand of cameras to me. She was using an earlier model of the Fuji camera I eventually bought for the trip. It proved to be a solid performer and very well built.

I brought my notebook to the dinner and when I ran into a problem showing someone my blog page, the screen carried a message saying there was a server problem, this person removed the incorrect information which had been entered into the DNS fields of my computer during the trip.

I had to bring out my "Thank you," again.

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Leif Hagen said...

Cheers to the friendly, happy "geeks!" Looks like you had a good, techy time together!