Monday, February 1, 2010

Saturn sign gone

I've driven two Saturns, and contrary to what you may have read, they were good cars. By good I mean they were inexpensive to buy, inexpensive to keep on the road and the London dealer gave first rate service. And I loved the no-haggle experience. Could the cars have been better? Yes, but what car couldn't be better?

You can still buy a Saturn. I believe the London dealer still has an Astra or two on the lot. The red vehicle in the foreground is the Saturn VUE hybrid. The Astra seemed to be a good car. The worst thing about it seemed to be a paucity of coffee holders. It really was a handsome automobile and won a number of important automotive awards. Sadly, it did not win many hearts. Maybe some coffee holders and some decent advertising would have helped.

This dealer was a fine dealer for GM and today they are moving the last of the Saturns and the Saabs off their lot. I wondered what assistance GM was giving them. I thought there might be a great deal from GM to help their former dealers. It doesn't appear so.

The GM site asks, "Looking for the Saturn VUE? Maybe it's time you considered a Chevrolet."

I'm in no hurry to buy another GM car. I didn't like their attitude. I don't like the way they are not even authorizing their former dealers to continue to service the cars that they sold. Well, my car isn't under warranty and so tomorrow I'm taking my car in to the former Saturn dealer for an oil change.

I'm changing my oil but not my dealer.

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