Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More JLC

The John Labatt Centre (JLC), shown from the outside two days ago, is a fine venue for entertainers. They like it and they come back. The JLC likes to brag "We've had the world at our doorstep." Any guess as to the identities of the world famous rockers being featured today?

The JLC is the largest multi-purpose facility in southwestern Ontario. The facility, when it comes to sports, is mainly used for hockey. In 2005, the Junior A hockey team, The London Knights, which call the JLC home , won the Memorial Cup. But basketball, wrestling,  and more are all held there as well. Concerts, theatre performances or even a monster truck shows also commonly fill the seats.

Opening in downtown London, Ontario, on October 11, 2002, it was hoped it would be a powerful catalyst in the redevelopment of London’s downtown. The facility seats 9,090 for hockey and ice events and holds more than 10,000 for concerts, family shows and other events.

Old folk, like me, and those in wheel chairs appreciate the accessibility --- there is accesible seating on every level. And everyone can appreciate the ample number of washrooms. The JLC exceeds code requirements for washrooms by 55 percent.

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Jacob said...

Sounds like a great place. But I'd prefer Simon and Garfunkel or Peter, Paul and Mary.