Saturday, February 13, 2010

How much is five pounds of fat

Dietitian Jennifer-Anne Meneray holds five pounds "fat."

Did you ever wonder what five pounds of fat looks like? No? I'm not surprised.

February is international 'Heart Month'. A public education event was held at London Health Sciences Centre on Wednesday. It offered valuable information to those living with heart failure or seeking information on how to avoid this all-to-common disease.

Dietitian Jennifer-Anne Meneray showed the audience how much fat a person losing five pounds strips from their body. It's a lot, eh? Meneray said losing about fifteen pounds in a year is all a sensible person should lose in 12 months. Just think, fifteen pounds is three times the size of the simulated fat Meneray is holding.

If you drink a lot of soft drinks, cut one out a day. If you don't replace the calories with something else, and you make this a permanent lifestyle change — not just a dieting move — you will not only lose fifteen pounds in a year but you will keep those pounds off.


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