Friday, February 26, 2010

Handsome? Yes! Restored? No!

The whole town, or at least everyone I know, is talking about the "stunning restoration of the Capitol Theatre and the Bowles Building." Could you tell at a glance which building was the theatre? No? If not, I am not surprised. The marquee is gone. And so is the lobby. Oh, and the auditorium has been demolished and rehabilitated into a parking lot.

The Bowles Building was known for years as the Bowles Lunch. It will be the Bowles Building from this point on. No more lunches are being served; The building now houses the City of London planning department.

Today I may be in trouble as my views are appearing in the Saturday paper as either an opinion piece or a letter to the editor. I fear a lot of folk won't like the truth.

Stay tuned...

Or if you're interested, here are two posts I wrote on the loss of the theatre.

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