Saturday, April 17, 2010

What's old is new again.

Yesterday I ran two new images, but they were accompanied by information from last year. I don't get that many hits and I thought I'd like to tell some new readers about the Southwestern Ontario Carolinian Forest.

Then I learned that The London Free Press recently ran some of my Easter Egg Hunt pictures. I haven't worked at the paper for more than a year.

Oh well, I felt no guilt running interesting but previously run information. Relying on what is called "fair use" in the United States, I am sharing my discovery with you. I'm in good company when I run old stuff.

I think the paper chose good pictures. Thanks LFP.

(Top) KEN WIGHTMAN The London Free Press     Michael Nicholds, 6, has his Easter Bunny ears askew after taking part in the Ryerson Public School Easter Egg Hunt. 7000 candies in 1000 bags were scattered about the playground and every one was picked up in moments. If only kids picked up their toys the same way.

(Right) KEN WIGHTMAN The London Free Press     Victoria Goldsack, 4, of London, was one of about 400 children at the Byron Optimist Club Easter Egg Hunt at Boler Mountain. 6000 hollow plastic eggs, stuffed with chocolates, ju jubes, and jelly beans, were scattered about three sites at the Byron facility. Close to a hundred eggs also contained tickets to be redeemed for a prize. Some of the money raised is donated to the Easter Seal Society.

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