Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter has arrived

Snow sits deep on the bird bath in my backyard.
London, Ontario, is located in a long, narrow snow belt runs northwest from the to Lake Huron around Grand Bend and Bayfield. The snow squalls develop over the open water and then dump their snowy load on the London area. The Byron subdivision in the southwest of the city often gets the most snow of any place in town. A recent snow storm left just a few centimeters of snow at the London International Airport but it buried Byron under anywhere from 55 to 75cms of white flakes, depending upon where one lived in the subdivision.

On the upside, and there are lots of upsides to a snowfall, all that snow brings out the good neighbour spirit. The people living across the street dug out the older gentleman living in the home to the west of me. But, the snow was so deep that clearing it left the good Samaritans too tuckered to dig out their own driveway. I lent them my snow blower and soon they had their place completely dug out and mine too.

And the moment my granddaughter arrived, it was time to build a snowman.  She even brought a carrot to use for the snowman's nose.

I like living in the Byron snow belt where winter is a vibrant season filled with unique pleasures.

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