Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Ontario Cottage

This particular Ontario cottage is slightly different than most. Traditionally the door is in the middle, right below the central small gable breaking the roof line. Here the door is off to the side with the window displaced to where the door usually is found.

The question that immediately comes to mind is, "Has the door been moved some time after the home was built?" I don't know. It is possible the door was always at the far right. These little place were built and owned by working class families who followed tradition but were not adverse to bending the rules a little.

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Anonymous said...

It is an Ontario cottage! And the door placement is unusual! I'm guessing probably original, though. Our area has a lot of 'colonials' - also typically having the centre door flanked by one (or more) windows symmetrically either side. But there are a surprising number with the door offset to one side, sprinkled among them. The need to be just a little different, maybe... :)

Anonymous said...

I remember those houses in London! My piano teacher Hazel Taylor used to live in a house like that!