Wednesday, July 31, 2013

An Ontario vernacular bungalow, maybe

The home shown today sits across the street from the cottage featured yesterday. This home looks a lot like a classic Ontario cottage but it may be an example of a vernacular bungalow.

The simple shed roof doesn't feel right to me but maybe it's original. My guess is that it was added when the house was updated and upgraded.

On the plus side it is a well maintained, heritage home. It is located in one of the finest neighbourhoods in all of London. It should continue to be well maintained and it should not just hold its value but appreciate nicely over the coming years.

The amazing thing about these little places is how roomy they are inside. Usually the door leads into a long central hall with a living room off to one side. There are usually two bedrooms. The kitchen is at the back of the home and there is a small dining room. Many folk put an addition on the back of these and enlarge the living space.

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Anonymous said...

I grew up on Giles Street, east London a block over from Highburry Street and down from Hamilton Road towards the Thames. Our house looked just like that except for the porch, we only had some steps up to the door. When you entered the front door you were already in the front room. The doorway immediately to the right was parents bedroom. Past the front room was the "boys" bedroom with the bathroom across from their room. Past that was the kitchen and on the right of that was the "girls" bedroom. We had a back door from the kitchen that put you onto our dirt driveway. Our roof was just like that in the 50's not sure the year the house was built. My grandfather built it with a lot of the old lumber that came from Labbatt's.