Sunday, May 19, 2013

Thai Cusine or why folks like their cars

A Thai take on won ton soup.

The little restaurant is simply called Thai Cuisine. The food is fresh, delicious and inexpensive. The restaurant, frequented by Londoners, is in Mt. Brydges — a little town to the west of the big city. It is a drive of about 20 km for many of its London customers.

This soup, with its coconut milk base, is yummy.
It takes me 20 minutes to drive there and it costs me about $1.10 in fuel. Thai Cuisine my be located in another community but thanks to my ownership of a VW Jetta TDI, the cost in time and money to enjoy a meal there is quite reasonable.

Urban planners in London talk a good line about the need for mass transit and they are right but they are only addressing a part of the transportation story. People like to drive when neither their feet nor their local bus will do.

Our urban planners appear to hate the car. If you want to hear about bikes, they are eager to talk but if you want to talk about how to make the car more successful, well, you are barking up the wrong freeway.

I have been to some cities that are heavily dependent on mass transit: Toronto, Paris, New York. Yet, there is a place for the car in all three cities and that place is fraught with attendant problems. That is why Paris is experimenting with the best way to get folk out of their cars — offer them another car. Think autolib', the electric-car sharing scheme being tested in Paris, France. And here is a link to an article: 100,000 rentals!

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Anonymous said...

Mass transit is fine when you wish to join the masses, not so great when you wish to avoid them. Buses aren't too useful for camping and cottaging.