Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Asparagus growing in suburbia

I took this shot just the other day. Two pounds for $5.00 is a very fair price.

It is asparagus season and the little asparagus farm near my suburban home is open. For just a few short weeks each spring the little farm has freshly-picked asparagus for sale. It is just about the only crop grown on the little plot of land beside a gravel pit and surrounded on every other side by suburban homes.

This asparagus farm is a short walk from my suburban home.
I so hope the family that owns the land continues to farm it well into the future. There is something quite wonderful about strolling from one's home to an asparagus farm. To make everything just that much better, the green stalks are delicious. The asparagus is far better than the stuff in the supermarket shipped in from Peru.

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