Saturday, May 26, 2012

Patios: a part of summer in London, Ontario

Patios are a solid part of life during the summer in London, Ontario. Heck, there are even local businesses specializing in the sale of  furniture and stuff like barbecues for backyard patio use.

We have two patios in our backyard. One at the end of a block wall that keeps a large hill from slipping slowly into our yard and our other paving stone patio is right at our back door. Our one neighbour has a large, wooden-deck patio and our other neighbour has not only a patio but a pool as well.

Our front porch is small, as are many porches in our suburban neighbourhood. Yet, in a very real sense, our small front porch serves as another patio. We have three Muskoka chairs sitting there: one for Judy, one for me and a very small, bright pink one for our young granddaughter.

I believe patios are a response to the loss of the large front porches that once graced many homes in Ontario. And, I must say, patios are a proving to be a fine response.

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