Monday, March 5, 2012

So green it's silver

St. Joseph's Hospital in London is getting an extreme make-over, hospital edition. One problem being fixed is the deteriorating exterior brick. Bits of wall were breaking free and falling. A safety issue.

This is being corrected with new cladding and new exterior insulation. The windows are being replaced, too. When done, the old hospital building will be so green that it will be silver, LEED Silver.

This may be green but it comes with few bragging rights, the LEED standard has Gold and Platinum levels above the Silver standard. But Silver is still a great improvement.

According to the hospital, the present structure, as it stands, does not meet today's fire standards, nor is it up to code for floor loading. Windows leak and the lack of insulation results in higher energy use.

The construction causes a little inconvenience for patients and visitors but it when it is done it will have been well worth the trouble and expense.

I saw the gleaming framing for the new cladding and thought "art."

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Hilda said...

Sounds like a major renovation there. But like you, it was the patterns that caught my eye. Great shots.