Monday, March 5, 2012

Of snowmen and hot cocoa

When it snowed recently in London, Fiona just had to make a snowman. She'd never made one but was familiar with the concept from television. Still, she wasn't prepared how fast a rolling snowball grows in size and how heavy it rapidly becomes.

One big surprises was how cold snow can be. She slipped off her mitten to work on her snowman and her fingers were soon painfully cold. She slipped her mitten back on.

With the snowman done, and her fingers regaining their warmth, it was time to go inside for hot cocoa. Fiona likes measuring out the powder and stirring the hot drink until it swirls about in her cup. If grandma and gugah come to her "tea party" all is right with the world.

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Rockinon said...

You are quite right. There is more to London than what I have been shooting lately. When spring arrives I hope to get out again. My heart is doesn't work all that well. I have a difficult time breathing in the cold winter air. That said, it would probably do me good to get out. I'll try.
Thanks for the comment,