Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cheese is big business and imported

Fiona tries helping gaga by grating some cheese for an omelet.

When I was little I can recall going to a cheese factory owed by a friend of my father and mother. The factory was near Alexandria in Eastern Ontario. Today, the factory is gone.

Closer to home, cheese factories once dotted the area around London. No more. Every so often a new enterprise opens up, but as often as not they soon close. Big companies, like Kraft, bought the small family concerns and today the big conglomerates control the market.

My granddaughter may never know the pleasure of going into a cheese factory and buying some fresh curds, still warm to the touch and squeaky on the teeth.


BobA said...

This dairy is near you and they make wonderful cheeses. We can even but their cheese in Chicago at the Whole Foods.

Rockinon said...

Woolwich Dairy has three cheese plants: Orangeville, ON, Princeville, QC, and Lancaster, WI. The Orangeville plant is about two and a half hours from my home in London, ON. When I was young there were numerous cheese factories between London and Orangeville. No more. It is interesting to note that so many small cheese operations have gone under that even Wisconsin has suffered. This is why the Woolwich folk were able to open a niche operation in what was once a saturated market --- Wisconsin. When I was a boy there were about 2800 cheese factories in Wisconsin. Today there are about 120.