Sunday, January 1, 2012

Heritage homes overlook the Thames River

At least one of these homes had an historic plaque visible beside the front door. I should have taken the time to read it. I have been unable to find anything on the Internet about Riverside Avenue in London, Ontario.

The name of the street say it all; These homes border the Thames River. They both look like wonderful homes and I'm sure they both have interesting histories. There is a certain similarity to these two places and I wouldn't be surprised that they are in some way historically connected.

I took this picture yesterday while walking back to my car from the London Children's Museum. It is interesting, to me, how neighbourhoods evolve. The museum is in the former Riverside Public School. It was a pretty, three story school in local, yellow brick. If the school hadn't become a museum it would most likely have become a memory.

As children grow up, the enrollment at area schools declines. The city does not mothball under-used schools. They demolish them. This leaves a neighbourhood without a school. It is no wonder that families do not repopulate the neighbourhood with the passing of time.

These two homes hint at the elegance that was once Riverview Avenue. But what sits across from these two grand, heritage homes today? A Salvation Army complex.

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