Saturday, July 9, 2011

Thank you LHSC!

There was a time when I thought of flowers, I thought of full blooms. I wanted peak action. No buds and no wilted petals. Just gorgeous flowers in their prime.

Then I experienced Sheila's art. Sheila, at the time, was painting flowers. She didn't narrow her focus to just blooms, the climax of the story. No, she captured the whole tale from bud to bloom to fading away forever.

Now, I see flower art entirely differently.

And now I see life a little differently — and it's not just because of flowers. You see, today I visited the London Health Sciences Centre and a doctor there informed me that I have arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC). I now know why I've had the heart problems that have plagued me this past year.

A friend once said I was one of the luckiest guys they had ever met. I'm beginning to believe my friend. Having a rare, genetic heart disorder is not lucky but living in London, Ontario is. The excellent hospital here in London, and the absolutely wonderful doctors and nurses who didn't stop looking when the reason for my heart problem proved elusive, gave me a future.

Thanks to my ICD, I no longer fear sudden death syndrome. And my meds are keeping my weird heart beat patterns at bay.

I may still be wilting, aren't we all, but I no longer fear that I am a day lily. Thank you LHSC!


Anonymous said...

I have lung problems. It is a wonder I don't also have heart problems. I do have to cope with oxygen most of the time and take lots of medicine and treatments.

Montreal Photo Daily said...

Hey Rockinon... Lucky guy!
Everything is under control now. Enjoy. Have a happy weekend!