Thursday, July 7, 2011


When I saw today's shot, the word "joy" immediately came to mind. For me, this picture conveys an enthusiastic love for life.

Letting dogs run free just anywhere in the city is against a London bylaw. There are off-leash parks for that purpose. Still, one often sees dogs running after balls in city parks. My granddaughter laughs with loud delight whenever she gets a chance to watch one of these dogs in action.

One time the pooch in question, hearing Fiona, brought the ball right to the little toddler, dropping it at her feet. The dog brought more than a ball to Fiona, the dog brought her "joy".


Anonymous said...

Yes, there IS something about the unrestrained energy in the full tilt running for the sheer joy of it all!

Montreal Photo Daily said...

I totally agree with you! My dog Kaiah is the same. Just watching her zoom around the dog run gives me joy too!
Have a nice weekend.