Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Victoria Day Fireworks and I Missed 'em

The Fanshawe Optimist Club of North London again teamed with the Fanshawe Conservation Area northeast of London to present one of the largest fireworks displays in Southwestern Ontario. As usual, the Victoria Day event got underway at dusk, which thanks to daylight savings time comes a little late for the wee-ones.

We brought Fiona, 20-months, to see the fireworks and by the time they started she was just about ready to quit. Oh, the first five minutes kept her interested, she actually kept signing "more, more," but after that it was "been there and done that." She made it clear it was time to go. We left.

As everyone knows, the best fireworks are the closers. The bursts of colours come so fast they fill the sky with overlapping displays. Oh well, I may not have got the most impressive shots but we did miss the traffic jam at the end.

I must confess that my dramatic shot is complements of Photoshop. Forgive me.

A mother and her little daughter play with a sparkler while awaiting the show.

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Montreal Photo Daily said...

It the perfect fireworks shot. Well done. :)