Monday, May 30, 2011

London, Ontario, latest train station

I've been down on the VIA train station in London since it was built. I've been wrong. It's a good station and a fine addition to our downtown. (I was down on it because the new station is here because a beautiful old station from the 1930s isn't.)

A friend bicycled from Toronto almost all the way to London; I picked him and his bicycle up just outside of town. When it was time to leave, I took him downtown to catch the early morning train to Montreal.

It only cost $20 to take his bike to Montreal on the train. There are hooks in the baggage car and the bike, wrapped in protective plastic bag, was hung safely on a set of hoods where it stayed all the way to Montreal.

My friend doesn't own a car. He takes the train a lot. He assured me that London's station was one of the best he has been in in North America. He said that I should be proud. Now, I am.

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