Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cemetery at Schenicks's farm

In 1834 one acre of Solomon Schenick's farm was set aside for a pioneer cemetery, a school house and a place of worship. 177 years later the school is gone, the place of worship has disappeared and the land hasn't seen a plow in decades. All is now an East London residential neighbourhood.

Well almost all. Some of the oldest and thinnest cemetery stones are set in a concrete wall to protect them from vandalism. The wall, in turn, protects many of the remaining headstones. The small plot sits on a larger piece of undeveloped land surrounded by a chain link fence with a padlocked gate.


Ken said...

Thanks for this little history background from your area. Very interesting topic and I particularly liked the photo at the top. Good day.

Elle said...

I've written about how much I love grave yards. What beautiful photos! I feel the peace.

Elle :)