Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Morning Walks

I showed my confidence in my new ICD by joining the Thames Valley Trail folk for their Saturday morning walk. I was surprised that the group took the walk from Gibbons Park along the river to the bridge to the University of Western Ontario main campus. Although most of the walk was dry, there were a few muddy spots and a few gently flooded areas.

Almost all the snow is now gone from London. What little there is left will be gone withing a day or two at most. Spring is in the air, green sprouts are everywhere, and soon there will flowers in bloom.

If you are interested the next walks will be:

April 16 at Meadowlily Woods. Walkers are asked to meet at the sports field on the north side of Commissioners Road, east of Highbury.

April 23 at Springbank Park West. Walkers are asked to meet at the west end parking lot, off Commissioners Road.

April 30 at Sifton Bog. Walkers are asked to meet at the north west corner Super Store car park on Oxford St. West.

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