Thursday, March 3, 2011

Connett speaks in London, Ontario

Dr. Paul Connett is co-author of book The Case Against Fluoride.
Fluoride is hardening more than teeth in London Ontario. In this Southwestern Ontario city it is also hardening positions. The battle to remove fluoride from the city's drinking water appears to be gaining strength.

A talk at the downtown Central library by Dr. Paul Connett Wednesday night filled the 370-seat Wolf Performance Hall to capacity, forcing organizers to close the doors and turn many Londoners away. Connett is co-author of book The Case Against Fluoride.

Connett is the head of a New York state-based anti-fluoridation group called the Fluoride Action Network. These American activists have found Canadians quite receptive to their arguments against the continued fluoridation of tap water. Just recently politicians in two major Canadian cities, Calgary in Alberta and Waterloo in Ontario, have voted to remove the chemical additive from municipal water.

Many people are clearly concerned and for good reason. When Connett's talk was announced, a columnist at the local Sun Media paper told those who disagreed with him, "C’mon folks. Give your head a shake." He openly mocked a city councillor for suggesting, ""If you do any research on the Internet, you'll find scientists believe there are health risks."

Those doing Internet research didn't have to look farther than Canoe health expert and Sun Media columnist Dr. Gifford-Jones.

The good doctor wrote that the fluoridation of water is useless and fluoride toothpaste is a dangerous biological poison.

He went on to say several studies involving as many as 480,000 children found fluoride provided no protection against tooth decay.

Those lucky enough to gain admittance to the auditorium learned that Dr. Connett is quite in agreement with Sun Media's good doctor and popular columnist. Connett pointed out that one tooth paste box warns consumers to keep the tooth paste out of the reach of children under six years of age. If they accidentally swallow more than a pea-sized amount, they should get medical help and a Poison Control Center should be immediately contacted.

Connett argued fluoridation is unethical. "No government has the right to force medication on its people to fight a non-contagious, non-life-threatening disease."

Note: This is not a news report nor is it an endorsement of Dr. Connett's position. This post is simply letting folk know what went down in London, Ontario, last night at the Central library.

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