Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cold Advisory

It was cold this weekend. Cold enough to cancel some outdoor events. But it wasn't cold enough to stop me from going for my 5 km walk. If your heart is weak, it is important to get out and give it some gentle exercise.

It's funny but I'd have thought beating 50 times every minute all day and all night would be enough exercise. The doctors assure me that it isn't.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

There's a little reason posts are sporatic: Fiona

For more than a year this collection of blogs enjoyed regular, almost daily, posts. This activitiy has come to a grinding halt and for that I apologize. With both of us in our early 60s, my wife and I have taken on the quite enjoyable task of babysitting a beautiful little girl, Fiona, our granddaughter.

The kid's awake!
The little tyke can be quite demanding --- in a sweet sorta way. I can't move without having Fiona following along. Working at the computer is completely out, unless I want to visit YouTube and share some videos with the kid. She loves movie trailers like the ones for Tangled or Despicable Me and music videos are always worth a look.

As you can see from today's picture, Fiona arrived asleep. I have just a few moments for an explanatory post; Judy tells me the little girl is starting to stir. I best get ready to share a banana and maybe a crushed and chopped pear with the kid.

Have a great day,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snowshoes and snowboards

Springbank Park in London, Ontario, is one of the most popular spots for locals to go to exercise. Usually it is joggers that one sees. But, in winter, one also sees cross-country skiers and sometimes folk traipsing through the deep snow wearing snowshoes for some off-trail exercise.

One sight that one doesn't see too often is a snowboarder on a picnic table. The young man had built a ramp out of snow and was sliding down a nearby slope, zipping up the ramp and leaping onto the snow-covered table, before jumping from the table back to the snow.