Sunday, December 19, 2010

The upside, the upside downside, to snow

This boy knew just where to aim his sled. He took to the air on each descent.
I live in the suburb of Byron in southwest London, Ontario. At one time there was a gravel pit across the court from my home. Today the gravel pit is filled and there is now a park there. In the spring it's a great place to fly a kite and in the summer it has a well maintained diamond for baseball. But it is in the winter when the former pit really shines. It has a long, steep slope that is easy to reach and great for sledding, tobogganing, or even snow boarding, if you don't mind a short, fast run followed by a long, slow climb.

Glasses aren't much good when you have your eyes closed.
Today I noticed more than the usual number of cars in our court. This could mean only one thing: The slope is snow-covered and perfect for sledding. The word was out.

I grabbed my camera and headed into the snow. I followed the last group to arrive down the path behind a row of suburban homes until we reached the crest of the toboggan run.

. . . or when they are covered with snow.
The countryside surrounding London is quite flat. Oh, there is the occasional small hill but I do mean small hill.

The are only two ski hills in the area and one is quite close to where I live. Boler Mountain has a vertical height of a hundred feet. That's correct: A hundred feet. It is better known as the Byron Bump.

Now you understand why the small hill across from me is so popular. Heck, when I was a boy we took our toboggans to an overpass on 401 in order to find a slope.

Making it all the way to the bottom is a challenge.
Close to the ground is good. Less distance to fall.
More pictures to follow tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

These photos are FANTASTIC. Love the airborne kid in the first one!

(The description's good, too!)

Anonymous said...

Wow great shots R.. love them all.. the HS10 is a great camera once you get onto it.. and I don't think there are many people that don't enhance their photos in one way or another.. yours was so very slight that I could not tell.. Cudos and keep shooting.. Carolynn