Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Storybook Gardens Rink to Open

A few years ago the City of London put an almost kilometer long curving loop of concrete in Storybook Gardens. It's a fine place to stroll in the warm months but in winter it becomes a truly fine skating rink. The concrete ice pad even contains refrigeration pipes.

The rink would be perfect except for one thing: It isn't all that popular.

I think every Londoner should grab their skates, and with kids in tow, head for Storybook Gardens this winter. If support doesn't materialize for this project, I'm afraid it may come down to "use it, or lose it."

Last winter I took some pictures at the Storybook Gardens rink filled with skaters. If you are interested, check out Storybook Gardens skating.

For a little background on the photography for this piece and some direction and encouragement in shooting your own picture stories, check out Rockinon: Photography.


RedPat said...

What a great idea! Probably just needs some good PR - it should be popular.

Kim said...

I love your photography in these shots. Wonderful composition. The shot of guy in the ice rink mist is especially appealing. Kudos!

Jacob said...

Lovely photos! I would think this would be a very popular much fun to skate up and down that "rink."