Saturday, November 20, 2010

War Memorial Children's Hospital

In May 1900, the Children’s Pavilion of Victoria Hospital opened, funded by the local branch of the National Council of Women.

In October 1922, it was replaced by the War Memorial Children’s Hospital, which opened at the corner of South and Colborne Streets, and still stnds there - at least the building - to this day. The Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire spearheaded its development, with support from the Shriners, the Masonic Order, Women’s Institutes and other groups.

The children’s hospital moved to Victoria Hospital’s Westminster site in 1985, becoming the Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario.


Elizabeth said...

I was one of the unlucky kids in 1951 that came down with polio. I spent many months, over the years in WMCH and would love to see more pictures if they are available.

Scott Bowman said...

I was a patient for 6 weeks here in the summer of 1983. 3rd floor.