Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Soho Home

This home on Colborne Street at South Street has an historical plaque hanging above the front door stating the home was built in 1898 for Ernest Wingsett, a tinsmith who worked for McClary Manufacturing. The McClary factory was a short walk away on Adelaide Street.

The neighbourhood itself is known locally as Soho, short for South of Horton. Horton Avenue being the northern boundary of Soho. At one time it was a very pleasant working class neighbourhood. Today Soho still has some pluses, one being that some of the residents are working together to bring the neighbourhood back.

A quick search of the Internet turned up this image of a McClary truck in the London Public Library Image Gallery.

"This photograph is featured on p.88 of Alan Noon's book: "East of Adelaide: photographs of commercial, industrial and working-class urban Ontario." His research describes how the photographer borrowed the truck from McClary's in 1923 to illustrate the strength of the Silverwood milk churns that McClary's manufactured. A similar photograph with a clearer view of the side of this Barton and Rumble truck can be seen in this image gallery under a similar title."

I could be wrong, but I believe the McClary company went on to make excellent kitchen appliances. The factory was still standing on Adelaide Street when I moved to London but has since been demolished.

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