Thursday, October 28, 2010

A no frills is a suburban frill

The old fashioned, neighbourhood grocery store is coming to what originally promised to be London's first new urbanist experiment. Just pushing your leg; The store will be a giant no frills store, the budget grocery arm of Canada's giant Loblaws chain.

Along with acres and acres of black asphalt there will also be a Tim Hortons coffee shop closer to the intersection of Southdale and Col. Talbot Roads. There are rumours that a chain pizzeria is also going to be part of the new neighbourhood mall.

I live just a short walk from here. This means I now have five grocery stores within walking distance of my suburban home ---  two are actually quite close. When I lived downtown, there wasn't one large grocery store in the area. Not a one! Having a no frills so close to my home is just another frill of living in the suburbs.

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