Friday, October 15, 2010

Early Morning Mist

I didn't have to travel far for today's picture of early morning mist over the Thames River valley in London, Ontario. I simply walked across the court on which I live and shot the scene below.

The neighbourhood in which I live is nice but I've always thought that a great architect could have designed a wonderful hillside community where regular suburban housing now stands. I envision something Habitat like with covered walkways up and across the slope, all intertwined. It could have been really cool and everyone would have had a view.

Oh well, a No Frills grocery story is being going up within an easy walk of my home. I've must look on the bright side. My neighbourhood is getting more and more like a new urbanist community without the silly laneways and boring grid pattern streets.

1 comment:

Hilda said...

I would be perfectly happy with a dreamy view like this — except maybe for that horrendous-looking apartment building. :P