Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thomas Bros. Fruits and Vegetables

Around the world many folk think of Canada and think of snow and ice and fierce cold. All true. I'll bet there's at least one day a year here in London, Ontario, fitting that description.

The other 364 days are wonderful ---  especially the summer days. When I was a boy, there were canning factories seemingly in every small town. Today, there may be none. Sad.

But each summer the Thomas Bros. fruit and vegetable stand about five minutes from my suburban home offers locally grown produce for sale. Fresh picked sweet corn, and it is sweet. The sugar in corn is converted into starch after the corn is picked. If it is kept cool, the sugar content is retained far longer but the best corn is the freshest corn. The corn at Thomas Bros. is fresh.

As are the melons, and the squash, and the tomatoes and . . .

I love Ontario.

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