Tuesday, September 7, 2010

They're still making them like they use to.

This lovely older London home in Old North is truly lovely but it is not truly older. I am certain that it was built since I moved to London in the early '70s. It is a great looking home and fits in beautifully with its truly old neighbours but it is not old.

I titled this post "They're still making them like they use to." But it is not really true. My bet is that this home is built better than its older neighbours. It is certainly better insulated, it would not have lead in the plumbing, the kitchen, I am sure, is infinitely better than those found in homes build a century ago.

Off to the side, I'm sure you have noticed, is the attached garage. I personally like it better than the ones tucked behind homes on small rear laneways.

Yes, they are still building them but better.

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Anonymous said...

Almost all our garages are like this one - on the end of the house. I like this one or this house for its quaint architecture. Almost fairtale like.