Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rafting up

One of the nicest things about London Ontario is it location. It is less than an hour from London to either Lake Erie or to Lake Huron. Both lakes are fine spots for boating, deep and incredibly huge. I once kept a sailboat docked in Bayfield on Lake Huron. On a hot summer afternoon a fine thing was to rafting up to one or more other sailboats to enjoy a cool pop and a dive off the stern of the boats.

It is almost fall and diving off the stern is not as inviting as it was a few weeks ago. But, these boats were spotted rafting up off Port Stanley on Lake Erie this weekend. It is still a fun, social thing to do.


Roberto M. Alves said...

Beautiful composition. The hues of heaven is perfect. Congratulations.


Beth Thompson, Infaheat said...

A couple of months ago, my husband wanted to go boating there but I refused since I'm afraid of the water. I'm not sure if boating and rafting are the same though. It looks fun but my fear is greater. LOL