Saturday, September 4, 2010

More TVTA Hiking

Near the UWO the trail is a paved multi-use path.
The hikers encounter dense vegetation
Saturday, the Thames Valley Trail Association held an organized hike along the North Branch of the Thames River in London, Ontario. In some places the path cut through thick brush but at one point it passed behind some wonderful North London homes. The route also touched the edge of the University of Western Ontario campus before returning to Gibbons Park.

Membership in the local organization is only $25 for an individual, $20 if you're 60 or more, and $35 for a family. The members not only organize hikes, they develop and maintain trails, publish a newsletter and run a website. They also have a modest blog presence.

The hikes are weekly events held in different locations in the London area.

I think they may have a new member. Me!
A quickly moving runner, right, passes a slower moving hiker on the narrow trail.

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