Sunday, August 15, 2010

Anime in London

In the Toyko district surrounding the Yamanote Line's Harajuku Station young Japanese dressed in a variety of costumes congregate every Sunday. Today a bit of Tokyo came to London, Ontario, as a group of local teens, many dressed in Japanese anime costumes, gathered for some cosplay.

Anime (ah-NIH-may) is the Japanese word for animation. Anime in Japan, unlike in North America, often deals with serious topics and not just children's stories. For this reason, Japanese people of all ages watch anime with some getting dressed as their favourite amime character in order to take part in cosplay with friends.

But it was not just the Anime cosplayers lending an international flavour to Springbank Park today. The Falun Dafa group was again in the park quietly meditating. Click here to see original post.

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