Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bruce Cockburn at Home County

For more pictures see: Rockin' On: Photography
Bruce Cockburn is the biggest name to hit the Victoria Park stage at the Home County Folk Festival in years. Mix the Cockburn name with a fine summer evening and the result is a huge turnout.

The crowd had filled the paved space directly in front of the bandshell stage early in the evening. The audience then spilled onto the grassy areas off to the sides with these areas quickly filling with folks on lawn chairs and with others relaxing on blankets. Even areas having no clear line-of-sight to the stage filled as Londoners arrived to hear, if not see, Cockburn perform.

And no one was disappointed. Cockburn's distinctive voice and guitar playing gently rocked the park with such hits as: Slow Down Fast, Child of the Wind, Lovers in a Dangerous Time, How I Spent My Fall Vacation, and Strange Waters.

In the moments before Cockburn appeared on  stage the open walkway in front of the stage filled with amateur photographers and late but bold spectators. Both developments carried surprises. First, the general rule at concerts is photos are only allowed during the first two or three songs of a performer's set. Cockburn allowed the shutterbugs to stay rooted to their spots in front of the stage for the whole concert --- very generous. 

And the audience members behind the last minute interlopers, who had claimed positions at the very front, were also allowed to stay. Being so close to the stage, these intruders did not block anyone's view and wisely it was decided by all to just leave them be.

It was a very mellow, Cockburn evening.

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