Monday, May 3, 2010

Not the brick for which London was once known

There are a lot of older yellow brick buildings in London. Of course, most of these are homes. The bricks in these home were, and still are, good bricks. Unlike today's product, the beauty of these old bricks was not just skin deep.

When you see warm brick today, it is often red brick with the surface coloured. This brick quickly begins to lose its looks. As the surface flakes off, the red interior becomes visible.

Oh well, in lots of cases no one will notice the flaking because the graffiti will distract us. Why every brick wall is not treated to repel graffiti is beyond me. There are a number of excellent products to make it easy to quickly wash spray-painted-graffiti from walls.

The wall pictured is one that runs beside Southdale Road. Walls similar to this line many of the busiest roads in London. They hide the view of traffic from residents and mute much of the accompanying street noise.

Note the true red colour of the brick now visible in a number of areas.

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