Friday, May 7, 2010

By request_Little Miss Baby

Had a couple of requests for Little Miss Baby. Now into her eighth month, Little Miss Baby is developing quite the personality. She loves to laugh and giggle. Sometimes she laughs so long and so hard that she gets the hiccups.

The New York Times had an interested piece on The Moral Life of Babies. Jean-Jacques Rousseau apparently called babies “perfect idiots.” Rousseau obviously didn't spend much time around babies, but he certainly did make a perfect idiot of himself with his insight.

If you want proof that babies are able to think, check out my video of my manipulative little eight-month-old granddaughter. Now, what's the morality of this?

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Leeds Daily Photo - Paul said...

She is so cute and a very happy little soul too. I think in this life one needs a sense of humour! She should do well.