Thursday, April 15, 2010

. . . to ashes

Shortly after London Daily Photo ran some pictures of this abandoned home, it was torched by a firebug.
A home on Wonderland near Exeter burned Wednesday morning; fire officials are suspicious. The daily paper reports that it was the second home in the area to go up in flames in a week. The first home was a kilometre away on Exeter.

The fire destroyed home as it looked prior to being torched.
"Boarded-up houses don't go up on their own," said London Police Detective Greg Blumson.

According to the local paper, "A rash of fires in abandoned buildings spread through London last year." The firebugs look to be active again.

Both homes had been boarded up and abandoned.
As police and fire officials have made very clear, building fires can be dangerous. Folks can be killed by the blaze, even when the home is abandoned.

When the home is torched, at that moment, it is not empty; The firebug is there. They may not realize it, but they are putting themselves in danger as well as the firefighters responding to the fire.

Here's a link to the first appearance of this home on London Daily Photo with a shot of the living room and adjacent dining room area.

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