Thursday, April 22, 2010

Propane cylinder used for target practice!

Police chief Martin Brody blew away the shark in Jaws by shooting an air tank wedged in the monster's gaping mouth. Many questioned if it was possible to explode a tank of compressed gas by simply shooting it. Two Ontario men have supplied the world with the answer. Yes! But, don't do it!
James Bond could do it. Smart money says police chief Martin Brody of Jaws could do it. But Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage of Mythbusters had to resort to an M134 before they succeeded. Folks of questionable intelligence have posted the stunt to YouTube. Now two chaps in Southwestern Ontario have joined the ranks of those who have exploded a propane tank by simply shooting it.

Of course shooting at a propane tank is frowned on, and even if not successful will earn an Oh-Oh-This-Was-Stupid exclamation. It will also attract the interest of the police, who are continuing their investigation of the incident.

A little more on this extreme silliness is post on Digital Journal.

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