Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Somethings don't change

Somethings are the same the world over --- likes babies. And the lessons that babies can teach us are as valid in London, Ontario, as they are in London, England.

Babies are curious. They constantly investigate the world that surrounds them.

Babies don't hold a grudge. Give them a bath and they may howl but moments after leaving the water all is forgiven. "Don't live in the past." They seem to be telling us. "You gotta have a life. When it's over, move on."

And it is good to laugh if given the opportunity. At least, that is Fiona's strong belief. She jumps at the chance to share a laugh with a friend, and it does help to be her friend as Fiona is no naive fool. She knows you don't just trust anyone on first meeting. Relationships can't be rushed.

Babies everywhere have sparkle. It is too bad that for many of us, life dulls our sparkle, our native curiosity and enthusiasm.


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