Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pipeline Serving 350,000 Ruptures

The damaged pipe sits off to the side as workers finish the pipeline repairs.
A 48-inch pipeline runs for 48-km through Southwestern Ontario carrying water from Lake Huron north of Grand Bend to Arva on the north edge of London, Ontario. Early Monday morning that pipeline broke, pressure dropped in the line and a small pond formed near the village of Mount Carmel.

Tuesday the break, which affected two sections of pipe, was repaired. By afternoon the line was being refilled and would then be flushed to return it to full operation by sometime that night.

London, Ontario, and area is growing and the pipeline is admittedly overtaxed both in volume of water carried and by the velocity of the water being transported. The line has been partially twinned and this break has underlined the importance of finishing the twinning job.

Full story on Digital Journal.


fowgre said...

Great photo. Is it out of your archives or did you actually drive up there to the site of the break?

Rockinon said...

Thanks. It's my photo. I shot it to go with a story on the break that I published on Digital Journal out of Toronto.

If you'd like to run a link to the stuff that I write with a London slant, that could be arranged and I could give you images, if you like, as they are mine.

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