Sunday, March 21, 2010

More pictures of doomed dome east of London

The geodesic-dome like ceiling above the main dining room still looks cool.
Yesterday I posted pictures from the open house held to celebrate the '60s domed Woodstock service centre on 401 east. Personally, I find it sad that this building, and the others like it, are all going to be razed --- there were a number built beside 401 back in the early '60s.

The men's washroom has a gently curved wall.
They were well built with geodesic-like domes and solid stone walls. I like to think that if buildings like this were maintained, added to and modified with care and imagination, they could continue to function in the present. Then, in a hundred years we'd have a few cool heritage buildings giving architectural witness to a time long past.

But no, we tear them down before they even hit 40. In a hundred years no one will know a thing about them. They will be truly and completely gone and a bit of our heritage will have died.

Check out the stone wall curving behind this lady enjoying a Tim's and a cigarette. I wonder what happens to the stones after the building is demolished.

At one time civilizations reused building materials. My guess is that this stone is destined for a dump.
The old Scott's Chicken Villa rest stop on 401 near Woodstock wasn't built with the look of a building to be demolished within four decades.

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