Tuesday, March 23, 2010

English Bulldog

It's an English bulldog. Somewhat squat and quite muscular, this is a dog with an intimidating appearance. And when it walked by me the first time, I gave it lots of room. And yet, I felt guilty, that dog seemed friendly, approachable.

The route I take for my daily stroll is a loop and it didn't take long for the English bulldog and me to cross paths again. This time I chatted with the owner and got permission to try for a picture. This dog was clearly affectionate, curious, and gentle.

Since taking this picture, I did some research and sure enough English bulldogs love people and bask in the attention caring owners gives them. Still, I wouldn't want to pull this particular fellow's tail.

Uh, they do have pullable tails, don't they?


Linda K said...

I have an English Bulldog and I can tell you that under that tough looking exterior there is a big mush who loves nothing more than lying on the couch with you while watching TV! By the way my guy has a corkscrew tail. Not much to pull!

AMY-of-all-trades said...

Oh my goodness! Too precious!