Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dominion Public Building

It's called the Dominion Public Building and when I moved to London thirty some years ago it was the main downtown post office. Coming up we will have a look at the outside of this fine art deco structure but today we are seeing the replica art deco lighting. That's right, replica.

It seems that at one point in this building's life, it was decided to remove the original art deco ceiling lights. They were sent to Ottawa for storage. Years later it was decided to restore a bit of the building, bringing it back to its original elegance. Word went out to have the removed ceiling lights returned. But, the valuable lights were nowhere to be found.

The replicas are not bad but up close they look like what they are - replicas. As for the rest of the aging restoration, much of it has been allowed to deteriorate. The post office is gone, the counters removed and the space crudely divided and dedicated to other uses.

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