Saturday, December 5, 2009

Forgotten art

This large, red, twisting sculpture sits in a small pocket park between the a federal building and the Bell building in downtown London, Ontario. The picture was shot on a weekend and all the surrounding buildings were closed. With no one to approach for details, the sculpture itself does not seem to have a plaque, the Internet was searched but nothing. 

A city map was searched and the little park did not seemed to be marked, the pathway through the park seemed to be forgotten and the art work itself does not appear to be considered part of London's heritage. (I guess it is just art. It is not as if it was a home with a fancy Victorian porch. Now you're talking heritage.)

It appears this is just a large, red piece of forgotten art. Possibly this explains why the area around the art looks poorly maintained and the art itself is beginning to look a little shabby.

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