Sunday, November 8, 2009

I appreciate our farmland...

London is constantly expanding, urbanizing the surrounding farmland. Face the setting sun and one captures a purely rural image. Turn around you have a picture of new homes butting up against the open field. I should have turned around and taken a second picture, which I could have run smaller than the main image. Sorry.

I was just so excited by the sunset. I knew there had to be a picture and headed out of town on Byron Baseline. At the top of the first hill, there it was — picture. I parked my car, climbed the fence and ran into the field. I ran from tree to tree trying to create some foreground interest. In the end, I chose one of the shots taken as I ran from one tree to the next.

When I was young I didn't appreciate Southwestern Ontario. But after driving through the American West a few times, I appreciate our rich farmland. I wish other did.

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