Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Café Milagro

I love this little story. I'm going to write it, post it and tell Mai, the lady whom I believe is shown in the picture. If there are errors, she can let me know.

For years the Café Milagro has been a fixture in the centre of Byron, the now suburb but former village in the southwest of London, Ontario. The little restaurant was already here when I moved to Byron eons ago. I believe it was a Spanish-owned café at the time, hence the name.

Today it is owned by a lovely woman named Mai, who came to Canada from Thailand. Under her ownership the menu changed and expanded,  now featuring an international mix with an emphasis on Thai cuisine.

Where else would one be able to order pad Thai, Italian wedding soup or a Chicken Fajita Wrap from the same menu? I've heard the pork tenderloin with roasted red potatoes is delicious and others have remarked on a cheesecake dessert served warm with a hot fruit sauce.

I've been there a couple of times and it can be crazy. Mai was the only one waiting on tables the evening that my wife and I were there. We were not in a hurry and so it was not a problem. The food was good, the service friendlybut Mai did look a little stressed.

I love supporting local businesses, especially ones that I can walk to. I find the Café Milagro worth the walk. Be warned: the last time I got enthused about a place, my review got mixed reviews. Some folk had a good experience and others... 


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